3 Plumbing Tips for a New House

Here are 3 quick plumbing tips for a new house.  Your pre-design home builders may not be as flexible about plumbing changes or requests that go beyond the scope of existing plans. You may be able to use these tips may with a custom home builder, but it doesn’t hurt to try requesting some of these things from a pre-design home builder.

Plumbing Tips For a New House, Tip #1

If there is a basement, have the water heater, water softener, furnace, sump pit, sewage ejector pit, main water shut-off valve and sewer connection all in the same corner.  This is part of plumbing tips for a new house because you will have these items contained in one area for quick access and can know the affect of each one on the other.


Plumbing Tips For a New House, Tip #2 Shut Off Valve

2. If you are building on a crawl space, have a main water shutoff valve plumbed into the living space of the house. Most homes on a crawl space have the shut-off valve down below where they are generally inaccessible or not convenient to get to in an emergency.


Plumbing Tips For a New House, Tip #3 Sump Pump Discharge

3. Have the sump pump discharge line plumbed to the storm sewer or to an area away from the house.  Note that in most areas it is illegal to discharge sump pumps into the sanitary sewer line, which would be an easy solution for this situation. But nothing says you cannot run your own drain sewer line, if needed, to dispose of the water – to surface in your yard, or in rare cases into a dry-well – an excavated pit filled with gravel or clean rock which acts as a drain field, much like a septic leach field. That solution depends on proximity to things like septic field or wells, and native soil permeability.