Home Use Of A Fire Suppression Tank

A fire suppression tank is a pressurized tank of water used to extinguish fires.  They are mainly used for businesses to meet fire code compliance.  Also, the fire department uses them as portable water storage for rural firefighting.

Suppression Tank For Businesses

Businesses will use a fire suppression tank as a dedicated source of water intended to support automatic sprinkler systems for fire extinguishing.  These tanks must store large amounts of water for buildings that have no access to municipal water, where water pressure and volume is inadequate to extinguish a fire, or where it is the sole source of water.

Residential Use Of Fire Suppression Tanks

Residential use of the fire suppression tank is not required but is often used.  They support sprinkler systems that are set up throughout the interior of the home.  Also on each level of the home.  At around 165 degree the sprinkler system is activated. Water comes from the fire suppression tank and is distributed from the ceiling throughout the zone with the highest temperatures, causing fires to stop.  Having a fire suppression tank in your home is a wise investment to protect one of your greatest investments, your home.

More About Fire Suppression Tanks

Usually a 1 inch pipe carries the water throughout the sprinkler system.  The sprinkler system attaches to the fire suppression tank.  The better systems have copper piping and stainless steel hoses.  They use non-ferrous or corrosion resistant materials.  Stainless steel construction for the pump and polyethylene fire suppression tank. Sprinkler heads are made of metal covered with a plastic cap.  The white cap is all that can be seen on the ceiling.  These caps fall off when temperature rise and they release water at even higher temperatures.

The tanks used for fire suppression tanks can be as small as 4 gallons and as large as 50,000 gallons.  Tanks are above or below ground and can be created with double or single walls constructed from non-corrosive materials.