The Importance of Home Inspections in Plumbing

The purpose of a home plumbing inspection is to determine the condition of the plumbing of the home at the time of inspection. The home inspection Avon plumbing report is often used in determining the value of a purchase, and presents an opportunity to negotiating price and repairs that may be required.

Residential plumbing inspections are designed to address all the concerns a building that a future homeowner might have about his or her property. Especially if there is something as serious as mold in the bathroom shower.

The role of the home inspector is simply to inspect and report. A home inspector should not make recommendations about who should make the repair or whether the client should buy the house, or what should be negotiated with the seller. We recommend that the client consult with their realtor who will assist them in making these decisions.

Although there is currently no licensing procedure for commercial or home plumbing inspections, make certain to find a home inspector that carefully adheres to the industry standards established by the InterNACHI Commercial Inspection checklist and guide.