The Purpose and Use Of the Toilet Auger

The toilet auger is also known as a water closet auger or plumbing snake. This is a tool that can maneuver through the drain of the toilet to remove items that stop the water flow. The toilet auger is constructed of a long flexible shaft usually made from metal that has an metal bit at one end and a crank handle at the other.

What is The Price Of a Toilet Auger?

A toilet auger is an inexpensive manual (not motorized) snake made specifically for toilet stoppages. This is what you use if you can’t clear a toilet clog with a plunger or if you think something is stuck inside your toilet (such as a sponge or a small toy). Do-it-yourself efforts might cost $10-$75 or more. A flange, ball or funnel-cup plunger costs $10-$25; a toilet auger also called a closet auger or a water closet auger. It is also sometimes called a toilet jack this can cost $8-$60 with an average price of $20-$30.

How to Clean a Plumbing Snake.

Fill a bucket up with hot soapy water. …
Take the bucket and the snake outside where your garden hose is located.  Push the flexible hose out of the plastic tube and place the snake on the ground. Wet the bristle brush in the bucket of soapy water and scrub the auger, flexible hose and plastic tube with the bristle brush.

When to Reach for a Toilet Auger

When you cannot dislodge a clog with a plunger or by simply flushing the toilet, use a toilet auger.  Also, when chemicals cannot move the obstruction.  A drain auger, on the other hand, will not scratch the porcelain of your toilet. The flexible cable in an auger is fed into the toilet drain using a hand crank. The sturdy head of the cable is designed to dislodge tough clogs.