Your Water and The Water Treatment Plant

A water treatment plant processes 325 million liters of water treated daily. It is treated to the highest standards.Indianapolis water treatment plant aerial view Taking raw water from it’s source. Treating it, transmitting and storing it and finally delivering it to your house. The water is delivered through a network of water mains and pumping stations.

The First Stage of The Water Treatment Plant Process

Dirty water comes in from different sources and blends together. They check the pH levels and assess how dirty the water is. Then the water treatment plant removes the solids from the dirty water. Things like tree branches, leaves and even fish. Theses things make their way down the pipe to the water treatment plant.

The Next Stage of Water Treatment

Introducing chemicals to the water. Sulfuric acid at 96% strength is added. Then aluminium sulfate for coagulation. This is where the dirty particles in the water bind together for them to create a solid mass to remove further in the process.  The solid mass made up of fragments stays behind.

The Third Water Treatment Stage

The water goes through a fluctuation chamber which slowly brings the particles together in a solution and forms “flocks”. The water then goes to the dissolved air flotation tank and is saturated with air. In this holding chamber, the mixture releases tiny air bubbles which form on the flock. This reduces the density of the impure particles and they float to the top surface and form a sludge blanket.
A mechanical arm removed the sludge blanker and the clean water flows underneath to the next stage of water treatment plant.aerial view of a water treatment plant

The Main Human Filter

The water comes from the fluctuation chamber and the flotation tank where chlorine and lime are reduced. The water then is filtered through sand and dirt which removed particles from the water. As it percolates through they are attracting manganese. The water treatment is making it a solid form so it can be filtered out by the grades of media it flows through (the density of the sands and dirt it flow through). This will make it cleaner for the next state.

The Filtration Stage

In this final step, large particles have been removed. There are still compounds in the water that can be harmful like pesticides and pastes. They run the water through activated carbon. It is granulated and 2 millimeters in diameter and has a very high surface area. This science removed pesticides and colored quartz. Sometimes the water look brown or golden in color. This color is removed when the water treatment plant removes the quartz and pesticides.

A Final Dose of Chlorine For Final Water Treatment

To make sure there are not harmful pathogens or bacteria, the water is disinfected with chlorine. It goes into the tanks which are made of concrete. They give it a fair amount of time to make sure the bacteria is killed off. Then the water treatment plant pumps out to the distribution network and then it’s pumped to homes for drinking.


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